All our dogs are house pets first and foremost.  As you can see, they enjoy the show ring as well as performance events.

elektra2   elektra1stwin    elektra-mom
Elektra, Mitzi’s daughter is a field champion, Sr. Earthdog (half way to master) and has points in conformation.  She is sweet and still mothers the other dogs in the house.

edar – Field Champion
Sr. Earthdog & puppy babysitter

roseSM     litter1-day11-2SM
Rose – amazing mother, running companion & all around goof ball.  She has matured nicely and has started winning in the show ring.  She is an International Champion and only needs 3 points for her Canadian Championship.

Amelia is the youngest member of the Cedarcroft family and is a constant reminder of how much fun Dachshunds can be.  We have high hopes for this sassy little miss.  Check back to watch her grow.



Waiting At The Rainbow Bridge



Hermione was our little Blondie Bear.
Even though she was a diva, she was
the sweetest thing  ever to walk the earth.
We miss you every day.  If tears could build a stairway, we would walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again.


Field Champion       Junior Dog     Mitzi Agility
Mitzi was our first Dachshund and a wonderful dog.  She was a field champion, master earthdog and spent many hours in the junior ring with our niece.  She followed her sister Lilly to the bridge 58 days later.

lilly     lilly-edog     lilly-absolute
Lilly,  was Mitzi’s sister and the most amazing hunter.  She got her field championship in 3 trials with an absolute win in her 2nd trial.  She was also a master earthdog and kept us laughing daily.


Kate was Lilly’s beautiful daughter.  She was a super clown and loved the show ring.  She had field points as well and was on her way to being an amazing hunter like her mom.

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