The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As we begin another year,  it’s normal to look back on what has been.  Cedarcroft started the year with some awesome wins in  Canada for Rose and we are hoping to finish that championship in 2018 with her final 3 points.  Our sweet boy Ruger found a new home (and new name- Winston) with Mina and Dirk and he couldn’t be happier.  That was the Good.  The summer and fall were cursed with diarrhea and illness of Elektra and Hermione – the Bad.   Sadly Hermione lost her battle with this unknown illness on December 6th and we miss her so much – the Ugly.

We try to find the good in everything when possible.  Hermione’s illness helped us to actually diagnose Elektra who is doing awesome because of that.  We also have a new addition – little Amelia.  She is our light at a dark time.  Full of sass and play.  Here’s hoping this will be a harbinger of a wonderful 2018.  We wish you and your families the best year yet!

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