Who’s Bad?

Most of the time if there’s a behavior problem, you can pretty much guarantee that we humans are the reason.  Dogs aren’t born inherently bad, mischievous and curious yes, but not really bad. In our house, this little cutie to the left is quite the sassy girl.  Cedar tends to be vocal and when asked a question she always has an opinion.  I started when she was very young, asking her at morning feedings if she was hungry.  Of course she barked a reply.  Because it was not discouraged, she sasses me constantly at feeding times if I’m not getting the bowls ready fast enough.  That’s on me and, at the tender age of almost 11, I would be hard put to discourage that behavior now.  Sadly it has become part of our meal time ritual and I will miss it desperately when she is no longer with us.  That’s a minor misbehavior and is only really annoying if someone is trying to talk to me or I’m trying to listen to something on the TV.  However, there are other behaviors much less tolerated in our house and these need to be nipped in the bud if your dog exhibits them.  Here’s a great list of 5 bad behaviors that you can make sure not to instill in your pet and how to curb them if it’s too late.

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