Bathing Beauty

I rotate my shampoo use to keep build up down, so I have several different kinds – most of them good quality salon types.  When I was grooming for a show this last week, I looked at the shelf above the deep sink and, low and behold, the dogs have almost as many as I do.  What’s up with that you say?  Why not save money and use yours?  That’s a great big DON’T by the way.  Did you know dogs not only have fewer skin layers than we do – 3-5 as opposed to 10-15 – but their skin Ph is higher than ours – more neutral – so using your shampoo on them would really mess up the acid mantle among other things.  Here’s a really good article about the whys and wherefores if you want to research it, but basically, use the dog shampoo on the dog and protect their sensitive skin.

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