Danger In Your Back Yard?

If you live in one of the dozen western states that is home to the Water Hemlock, please keep your dogs away.  A simple nature walk can turn deadly in a second if your pet ingests this plant.  The tiny white flowers bloom in June and July, depending on elevation.  The tubers are the most poisonous but the leaves and stems can be lethal as well.  The plant has a strong carrot like smell which may be attractive to your dog.  A dog poisoned with water hemlock will present with nervousness  and pupil dilatation. This will progress to twitching, drooling, convulsions and seizures.  Even if a tiny amount is eaten and the dog survives the toxic effects, they are often left with permanent heart or skeletal muscle damage.  If you suspect your pet has eaten even just a small amount, induce vomiting immediately and get them to a vet.  Moral of this story, keep an eye on your surroundings when you take those walks.

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