Have You Heard Enough?

I say no!  We can never get enough information when it comes to our animal’s health and the canine influenza issue is no different.  With this outbreak, we have chosen to treat it as you would the human flu.  Less time out in crowded places – that means no shows for awhile – washing blankets and crates often and keeping the flow of visitors to our house at a minimum.  Keeping sick pet’s crates covered and separate from those that are still healthy as well as loads of fresh water and healthy food are on the list of dos.  My heart goes out to those in the show community who have been dealing with this is their kennels – some have even lost dogs.

Do not fool yourself, this virus does require veterinary intervention and persistence, so  please, if your dog shows symptoms, take them in right away.  Keep you dog in the car until the vet is ready to see them – why expose others in the waiting room who may still be healthy.  Just use common sense.  The AKC posted a great public service announcement, so if you still have questions, take a look and then talk to your vet if you need to.  When it comes to the vaccine, only you can make those choices for your pet.  But again, it’s like the human version.  The “powers that be” figure out what strains will be forthcoming and make the vaccine accordingly.  Sometimes they get it wrong and if your pet has been exposed before vaccination, they may still get sick.  Here’s wishing you and your pets the best of health.

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