If Dogs Wore Shoes

If dogs wore shoes, not only would they look goofy, but it would protect their paws.  I worry about their paws often –  I mean it’s sort of like us walking rosebarefoot.  I can remember the long blacktop path we took to the pool every summer.  We’d run about 10 feet then throw our towels down to stand on for a few minutes, just so we could repeat the process all over.  A dog’s paws are tough but also susceptible to injury and pain from hot pavement, pickers, cold ice and winter weather.  They can burn, crack and bleed from frostbite and experience cuts or lacerations.  Also remember, whatever they walk on and lick off enters their system causing illness or worse.

Here is a great article on taking care of your pet’s feet.  This would apply to cats and bunnies as well.

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