How Ready Are You?

If the unthinkable happens, if you find your dog unresponsive in need of urgent medical care will you be ready?    As a one time EMT and medical secretsassistant, I could jump in and do CPR on a human, no matter the age, but I’m not sure I would be as proficient for my dogs.  When it comes to our canine companions, the ABCs are the same – airway, breathing, circulation.  You need to make sure what’s going on first.  I had to reach over and check for a femoral pulse as I wrote, just to make sure I could find it.  But after that, it’s all a bit different.  Here is a great article to help if you ever have to do this for your pet or someone else’s.  If you’ve ever performed CPR on a dog, I would love to hear from you.

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