It’s Okay To Cry

LillyEuthanasia – the word makes my stomach do flip flops.  I found this article on July 21st little knowing that 4 days later, we would be sending our sweet Lilly off to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was a light in our darkness, and a kick ass hunter.  We ate bananas and stopped for ice cream on the way to the vet, because this day had to be special in its finality.  She looked at me and gave me a small kiss as we waited for Dr. Jean – saying “It’s alright mom, I’m ready.”

I was so glad I had read this article those few days before – it made things just a small bit easier.  When it’s “that time” always try to remember you are doing the right thing.  Take the time you need to grieve and never forget, we will see them again.  It’s okay to cry.

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