Canine Body Language & Calming Signals

ruger-wolfhoundHow many of you have experienced this scenario?  You are walking your dog in a park and coming toward you is another dog walker – their dog is large and pulling hard on the leash to get to you and your dog.  The owner says, “It’s okay, he’s friendly”.  First of all, friendly dogs don’t usually charge one another, they approach slowly and tend to curve their bodies, – just as Ruger did here with a sweet Wolfhound at his first show.  If you are approached in this way, don’t hesitate to tell the owner that you don’t want your dog to visit with theirs.  Here is a complete article on body language to help with this issue.

Along with this we can not ignore those ever present calming signals our dogs display in times of stress..  These calming signals are used to stave off aggression and promote peace within their pack.  As pack leader, you absolutely need to recognise these as it will help you know when your dog is stressed or afraid and may alert you to an impending scuffle between your dogs, if you have more than one in the house.  Here is a complete article on canine calming signals.  Learning these will enhance communication with your pets.

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