Grains Don’t Cause Allergies

The title says it all.  If your dog has a grain allergy – he was born with it.  As long as you are feeding a good quality dog food (not Kibbles & Bits) having grain present is alright.  The only thing they really can’t digest is corn, but then humans don’t digest it well either.  That being said, just make good choices when it comes to food.  Don’t get all festery about gluten either – that’s a human fad – only about 10% of the human population actually has an issue with gluten, the rest of us need it or we end up deficient in fiber, iron, folate, niacin, thiamine, calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus and zinc.

But I digress.  The top five things that cause allergies in dogs are beef, dairy, wheat, chicken & eggs – in that order.  If you feel your dog has allergies, have your vet test them – don’t just guess.  The AKC published a great article on this conundrum, so check it out if you have questions.

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