To Pee Or Not To Pee

If you go back into the archives you will find a post on potty training and how augie-2-4-16easy it can really be.  But I thought this article was interesting in that it addresses why dogs pee in the house.  It’s not always about bad self control.  But always keep in mind that punishment for incorrect elimination is counterproductive and really has no effect. The whole key to successful housebreaking is confinement.  If you must take out your anger, take it out on the spot where your puppy peed as you clean it up.  Complain how much you hate cleaning up that pee.  After a bit, your puppy will realize that you get upset when she puts it in your living room but she gets a cookie if she pees outside.

For more information on indoor accidents, read the whole article at Healthy Pets.

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