Doggy Junk Food

Pretty much any dog treat you buy at the supermarket falls under a category I call “doggy junk food”.   Now we as humans eat our fair share of junk food – you  know, chips, popcorn, cheetos, chocolate – that’s just the short list.  But I bet most of you read labels and try to stay away from the really bad stuff, right?  Well we have to do the same for our 4 footed friends.  I sometimes wish I had another “me” to feed me only the right stuff.  I’d still probably eat chocolate though.

Anyway, I sort of got off track, sorry.  I happened upon a video and many of you have maybe even seen it, but it just needed a bit more attention I think.  These are pet treats you should probably avoid.  I am sure there are more out there – if you know of some, please share them in comments – but for now, just stay away from these.

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